TESTIMONIALS {a.k.a. love notes}

"The wisdom and compassion a woman can intuitively experience in childbirth can make her a source of healing and understanding for other women."

-- Stephen Gaskin

"I have never felt such a sincere and generous presence. Laura has a gift of deep listening that helped me see my messy path with new light.  My birth was long and full of uncertainties and, as a single latina mother, postpartum was terrifying without my family near.  She stayed with me through it all, even months after the birth to ensure my success with breastfeeding and self-care.  Who knew that in the challenge and fears all around me, I would discover through Laura's guidance the possibility of strength and stillness in chaos.  I am eternally grateful for the faith she held in me, a gift I carry to this day. I thought I would want to just get through this birth and move on, but now I treasure this experience and can't wait to tell my daughter her birth story one day. "All is possible", I will say :). Thank you Laura!"
- Stephaine, Washington DC

"I have a job in children’s health – and if anything, that made me hyperaware of what can go wrong with a birth process, especially for black women like me. I was anxious about being seen in my full human complexity, especially in a hospital setting. From our first meeting with Laura in the third trimester, she understood my concerns and talked through strategies to make sure I would be heard, seen and appreciated. More importantly, once we arrived at the hospital (after a day of laboring solo at home), Laura attended to my well-being.

She was a model of calm in the storm of labor: making sure I had ice, that I knew the names of attending staff and even that an exercise ball was available when the hospital’s could not be located. I decided not to use an epidural or narcotics in my birth; by the time I needed to focus on active delivery, I was no longer using any nitrous oxide. Laura was the best ‘drug’ for pain management in the two hours I pushed; her steadfast tranquility and quiet coaching were much more helpful than the direction I received from the attending OB-GYN. After delivery, Laura’s questions and follow-up helped our family prioritize healing and wellness amidst the flurry of logistical and new processes that a first baby entails. I’m thrilled to recommend her as a doula and birth support for families in the DC area!"
- Chelsea & Michael, University Park, MD

"Laura was truly my partner in the birth of my son and I am so, so, so glad I worked with her! She has found her calling and it was so wonderful to have had her with me during such a special time in my life. As a first time mom, I knew I wanted a doula, but I had no idea how much I would need a doula. I planned for a home birth and labored for six days at home before going to the hospital to deliver my baby. During those six days, I experienced back labor and my birthing team tried everything to help my baby arrive. It was exhausting from the back pain and lack of sleep, and I really felt like my resolve was tested. Laura stayed with me throughout that time, providing counter pressure on my back, offering words of encouragement, focus, and a warm, supportive presence. Laura helped me stay focused on my breathing, on connecting with my baby, and getting through the pain for nearly a week...it was such an endurance test!

When I finally decided to go to the hospital, Laura took me and made sure I felt comfortable as we got settled into a new environment. She was my strongest advocate, speaking up for me with the doctors, helping me make crucial decisions, and taking excellent care of me - she helped feed me, brush my teeth, ensure the nurses were providing adequate pain relief, and keeping me focused in the present. After my son was delivered, she was there in the recovery room to greet us and helped me get started with breastfeeding, made sure I got something to eat, and encouraged me to sleep! I could not have found a more committed, compassionate, kind, sweet-natured partner for my transition to motherhood. Thank you, Laura!""
- Megan and Preston, Arlington, VA